World Cup …. again!

I’ve seen and listened to World Cups in many far flung, exotic and unusual places.

1966 I sat in a hedge near Coldstream, Scotland in the pouring rain listening to a crackly broadcast on a cheap tranny radio as Bobby Moore lifted the Jules Rimet trophy.
1970 No interest at all as I was far too busy renovating what was to be my marital home … in retrospect, I should have watched the footy.
1974 I just can’t remember much about that year’s finals, I was working at Blackpool throughout the Summer and I guess there were other distractions, a lot of other distractions…
1978 I was offshore in the Southern Sector of the North Sea, then onshore in that world renowned sports venue … Lowestoft, actually it was brilliant!
1982 Watching the games halfway around the world in Thailand, I thoroughly pissed off a Thai GF because I would rather watch the games than take notice of her … so she put a brick through the TV, unimpressed because I had thought about doing that many times,
1986 The United Arab Emirates, I watched ‘The hand of God’ playing baskeball offshore Abu Dhabi.
1990 The Emirates again, I was offshore Dubai for the finals and our Indian Cook kept making football shaped sponge cakes with horrible sugary icing in ‘team colours’ … he was not amused when we got sick of the sugar rushes and kicked them around the messroom.
1994 South America and I watched the final against Italy in a roadside bar in Brazil when they won on a penalty shoot out … the tension, the drama and passion was unbelievable … yes I had the shits
1998 Indonesia, East Java. I pissed off a load of Porridge Wogs, they strung a huge St Andrew’s Flag up in our project office and after they were eliminated I attached a sign to it saying ‘FOR SALE -virtually unused’.
2002 I was in Micronesia and the TV reception was atrocious, but the timings from Japan were perfect … for once.
2006 I was in Songkhla Southern Thailand, the football was garbage but the atmosphere in the Buzz Stop Bar was outstanding, assisted ably by copious amounts of very cold draught cider… a rare commodity in SE Asia.
2010 Indonesia and Singapore, I didn’t care, just too much going on in RW… or NOT going on as it happened …my company folded around my ears … and things went downhill from there and I mean DOWN hill!

Well here we are in 2014, still in Indonesia and I will be watching the games avidly with my son who is almost 10 now, and old enough to have his own opinions on the teams and tactics (Ronaldo will be the Player of the Tourney and Portugal will win…apparently) I of course must go for my National Side and hope England do not embarrass us on the world stage … yes Rooney I’m talking about YOU…either way, I hope it is an entertaining, safe, and most of all … sporting event all round…

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